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If this cover doesn't make you reach for this book, then you are dead inside.
One thing I love about reading novels is getting invested in characters. This is one of the reasons I enjoyed Mary Ann Marlowe's debut in contemporary romance. Of course, without a solid plot, plenty of conflict, and a twist or two, I would have tossed the book aside. Fortunately, Marlowe is a skilled writer who incorporated all the makings of a good romantic tale, plus added a steamy scene  (or three or four) to make us all wish we were Eden for at least a moment.

Speaking of Eden, she is one lucky heroine. Imagine having a famous, hot rock star fall for you at first meeting. Imagine having no idea who famous rock star is until after you've already engaged in one of those aforementioned steamy scenes with him and have fallen, hard. He, in return, has fallen for you. It sounds like a fantasy, doesn't it? Well, if Eden posted her relationship status on Facebook it would be "It's complicated." And it is, indeed. Imagine that just before you met this rock star, one of your co-workers spritzed you with a new perfume he's testing that, unbeknownst to you, enhances pheromones so as to make the wearer irresistible to the opposite sex.  Then, just imagine, when you find out, that you now have no idea if the man of your dreams has fallen for you or the magic of chemistry.

Eden Sinclair is a mild-mannered (if a tad snarky) scientist by day who works in a lab that tests new treatments for erectile dysfunction. At night, she often helps out her budding rock star brother, Micah, at his local gigs by manning the merch table or, on some occasions, taking the stage to harmonize. At 29, she is neither married nor involved with a future husband, which means she endures the stream of blind dates her mother sets up for her, none of which have worked out. Her mother thinks Eden is too picky. After all, who would turn down a dentist or a gynecologist? Never mind that Eden's mother is a patient of said gynecologist. It is true that Eden has some requirements for whom she will consider for a future life partner. One of them is: No musicians.
Not to overstep my bounds or anything, but I've already cast Emily Blunt in the role of Eden in the movie version of Some Kind of Magic. 
One evening, before leaving to support Micah at his latest show, one of her fellow scientists asks her if she'd try a new perfume for him. He spritzes her with it, and, as she loves the scent, she takes the vial with her. At the club, she encounters Adam Copeland who she assumes is there to try out for the bass player job in her brother's band. Adam is obviously attracted, and Eden feels the same, but he's  struggling musician, so she checks him off her list. Except she can't.  The next thing we know, we've just enjoyed our first steamy scene.

Once Eden finds out who he really is, the conflicts begin. The life of glitz and glamour has never appealed to her scientific brain, nor does the world of tabloid covers, fan hate, and publicity machines. Worse, though, is when she learns that the perfume she has used can create strong feelings of attraction. Is it actually Eden whom Adam has fallen for, or was it all just a chemical reaction?  Should Eden 'fess up to Adam and risk losing him?
Here's Penn Badgley.  I've taken the liberty of casting him in the roll of Adam Copeland. Would you risk losing him if you were twenty-something? Would you??!!
Some Kind of Magic takes the reader inside the world of music, fan sites, and the heavy toll fame can take on the unprepared. Marlowe has created a strong,  relatable character in Eden Sinclair and has given us a treat in rockstar Adam. The secondary characters have distinct voices and are used, wisely, to lighten the story. Eden's meddling mother is is a hoot, and I think many readers will identify with best friend, Stacey. The plot is driven by the perfume premise, but Some Kind of Magic is thick with conflict and obstacles for our Eden and Adam, which keeps the reader turning the page (or swiping left on Kindle!)

My mark of a good book is that it leaves me wanting more.  My mark of a good author is he/she has me searching Amazon for other works. Mary Anne Marlowe succeeds in both regards. As this is her debut, I anxiously await her next novel. Meanwhile, I give her first (of many) books a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

Title: Some Kind of Magic
Author: Mary Anne Marlowe
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Date: January 31, 2017
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